The Best of 2017 (Reminiscences…!)

The Buddha statue just in the middle of Hyderabad Hussain Sagar Lake presents an amazing view in one dusky evening of October. The place is a major tourist attraction in Hyderabad. The perimeter surrounding the lake has lot kf eateries offering the famous Hyderabadi cuisine.

Always dream big! The ideas of today are the innovations tomorrow!

A smile is priceless which expresses a lot. Its often difficult to capture the shot of a kid smiling. Thank you Ashira!

Mum’s 50th birthday! Special Celebration and the most remarkable event of the year 2017. All credit to my brother for organising everything.

Wait! Good things are going to happen! Just be patient! Practice, Perseverance and Persistence is the key for all the Good Things of your life!

Credit to all those who work backstage! The white umbrella of the studio is a symbol of that! Everyone give credit to the camera, but no one salutes the white umbrella!

Yup! Party time! Small containers at hotel room! Own leisure!

Bangalore outside my room! So fresh! Now compare this with Delhi! Haha!

The serene sea waters of Andamans! Hail Havlock!

Deepawali at its purest form with your loved ones is always a dream come true! May the light fills the every corner of our life!

Patiala is the sports city! You name any sports…. NIS has it! Tracks are the life of the cyclists!!

The two and a half km array of solar panels on the canal bed of Ghaggar just 30 of kilometers from Patiala offers a stunning view. Energy to be harnessed for the good of mankind! The snap from the plant generates power for the people of Punjab,India.

Delhi! Agrasen ki Baoli! A deep well constructed during the period of history is a proof of marvel and power of India during Mughal era! It draws a huge tourist across the globe.!

The pneumatic pressure that powers the war tanks and aircrafts! 10-20-30-50…..It goes till 165 kgf per sq cm! Bit technical! Huh!

Last but not the least! The symbols of India! India’s Pride! Tricolor and the Khadi wheel in a single frame!

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